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This is a list of burials in Holy Trinity Churchyard, Burial Ground and Burial Ground Extension. (Burials in the adjoining Council Cemetery are not included.)


 Burials from 1838 to 1901.


 The Burial Ground was consecrated in 1901, the first burial was in February 1902.

 All Mounds were flattened In the Burial Ground under Faculty, 1979-1980, unless application to do otherwise was received.


 The Extension (right of path) was consecrated in 1948.

Click on the initial letter of the surname. Note: the letters a, b and c following the reference numbers refer to books 1, 2 and 3.

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A fragile map of the locations of graves exists it is not possible for this to be made available for public viewing due to its fragility.

The following image of the churchyard was by tracing the map was attempted many years ago, the quality is not good but is the best we can offer. Due to its size it is only viewable by zooming the image and searching for the bit you are interested in. Many graves are not identified but at least an idea of a location for a grave can be gleaned from the information shown. It is suggested you right click the image and save it to your computer and then view/zoom in an image viewer.

Burials at Holy Trinity Church, Hawley, Hampshire