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    Epiphany 2

Mass will be celebrated at Holy Trinity Church 11 am

and at

 All Saints’  9:15am

Strict social distancing will be observed and facemasks worn. Space is limited.

Holy Trinity Church is open from 10am - 12am daily (Mon - Sat)
for private prayer

Subject to any official restrictions, Fr William will continue to be available to provide, on request, the Sacraments of the Church, sick ministry, spiritual counsel etc.

More information and relevant links will be posted on our website as they become available

Pastoral Letter from Fr. William for Epiphany 2 >>

We are now accepting online registrations for next Sunday’s service(s). This process enables us to assess how many people intend to attend a service. Whilst registration is not compulsory it does help us planning for your safety at our services. Registration does not automatically imply that space will be available for you, we will try our best.

To assist us we ask that you register by 5pm Saturday. You will be asked to re- register each week


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